DET7 38ARRS DaNang scramble on A1E 1967 USAF
HH43B 581846 Kunsan USAF February 1968
HH43F 639716 DET6 38ARRS-SChinaSea-USSChemung Oct Dec67 USAF

Welcome to the Internet home of the
Pedro Rescue Helicopter Association.

The purpose of the association is to maintain, enhance and improve the remembrance of the history of those who flew on the HH-43 Kaman Helicopters in the service of the United States of America. We are an association of men united by the bonds formed while honorably serving our country supporting the mission “…So That Others May Live.” Our objective is to locate and identify those who supported this grand ideal, to recreate the camaraderie we shared and to develop new friendships.

The Pedro Rescue Helicopter Association is made up of crew members, support personnel, family members, and Kaman Employees.


If you have any questions regarding the PRHA, please contact us.